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China Shipbuilding & offshore International Co., Ltd. (CSOC) is the trade arm of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). With a registered capital of 367m RMB, CSOC has been established with its shares held by 17 well established companies including China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation-the major shareholder, Dalian shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Etc.
Csoc headquarters in Beijing ,China and set up branch offices in Moscow of Russia, Athens of Greece, Islamabad of Pakistan, Hamburg of Germany and Hong Kong of China and other countries and regions worldwide.
CSOC's main business includes R&D, design, manufacture, repair, lease, sales of ships, marine equipment, offshore engineering and equipment, naval ships and related equipment, import & export of machinery and electrical and electronics, sales in non-ship products; all forms of joint production, compensated trade, technology transfer, economic cooperation; turnkey contracts on global basis in metallurgy, petrochemical, civil construction, power station, urban construction, port, hydropower, bridge projects.
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